How to React on Yo WhatsApp Message with Emoji?

In many messaging apps, it is now possible to reply to chat balloons using emoji. For example, you can now reply to conversations on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger using emoji, and even in WhatsApp's most widely used mode, YoWhatsApp, you can reply with emoji, but some people do not understand how to use this feature. It seems that many people do not understand how to use this feature. 

Yo WhatsApp How do you reply to a message using emoji?

This article will show you how to reply to Yo WhatsApp messages using emoticons. How to reply to Yo WhatsApp messages using emoji.

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How to reply to Yo WhatsApp messages using emoji

What is a reaction emoji?

A reaction emoji is an actual message that you can use to express your feelings in response to another person's message. Emoticons can range from hearts to dark crying faces to happy emoticons. Even if you don't reply using emoticons, they are a great way to tag someone in a message. Yo What emoji does WhatsApp offer?

The original WhatsApp app offers six open response emoji: thumbs up, crying face, heart, open mouth, crying face and person with clasped hands. 6 response emoji

How do you reply to messages on Yo WhatsApp?

  1. Open YoWhatsApp and tap the chat box.
  2. Tap and hold the message you want to reply to for a few seconds.
  3. More emoticons will appear.
  4. In the pop-up window, select the emoji you want to reply to.
  5. Your reply will appear below the selected message.

Final Word.

With WhatsApp Message Replies you can easily eliminate the unnecessary confusion that comes with sending responses with emoji. Here are instructions on how to use WhatsApp Message Replies as emoticons.

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